ART Natural Stone: It is an export company operating in Turkey. It produces and markets 1st Class Mosaics, Marble, Travertine. The most important export countries are the United States of America, Canada and European countries. Our export consultants provide all necessary information and support to our customers from the first communication. After the oral and written interviews, samples can be supplied and meetings can be held. Although Art Natural Stone has a wide product range, it always aims to produce new models. We are ready to present the needs and desires of our customers with all the possibilities that natural stone allows, without sacrificing detail and quality.

Products: Marble, Travertine, Marble Mosaics, Split Face Stone, Tumbled Natural Stone Travertine, Artistic Mosaic Natural Stone, Border Natural Stone Mosaic, Molding Natural Stone Profile, Mosaic Painting Natural Stone, Medallion Core Natural Stone and Mosaic Carpet Natural Stone.

Packaging: All of our products are packaged in accordance with European standards. In order to prevent irritation of the product surfaces, shrink nylon film is used in the intermediate parts. Cardboard boxes comply with TSE and CE standards. After the boxes are placed in wooden crates, they are securely closed with the help of nails and composite straps, and the label with the product details is attached. In this way, they are ready for long sea voyages.


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